About Attleboro Enterprises, Inc.

284 John Dietsch Boulevard
North Attleboro, MA 02763

About Us


CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) gives AEI the highest rating and states in it's report…

"Across the organization, the sense of teamwork among the staff members is strong and evident in their interactions, respect, communication, and dedication to consumers.  The competent and motivated staff members are responsive, passionate, and enthusiastic about the services they deliver."

"The staff members are clearly committed to providing quality individualized services.  The longevity of many staff members brings stability, history and continuity to service delivery and is particularly impressive. "

"The organization’s relationship with local community employers and its acceptance of consumers and acknowledgement of their contributions further enhance its service delivery and community reputation.  Funders and referral sources commented that the organization is responsive, easy to access, and flexible.  They are appreciative of the opportunity to consistently work with staff members of the organization with considerable longevity and awareness of the needs and procedures of their organization."

"Consumers take great pride in their homes.  When conducting tours for visitors, their eagerness and excitement indicates a true sense of happiness.  Consumers’ personal choices in décor, paint colors, and personal items are quite evident in the residences."


What our friends say…

"I can't imagine how much poorer the community would be without AEI and Ernie Augat's support for it.  The joy and happiness in that facility is remarkable."

— Richard Crawford
Augat Foundation Board Member


“I find it difficult to single out just one person, since I appreciate and admire all that Attleboro Enterprises, and the staff at his home have done for my son.”

— Lucille Cavanaugh
Family Support Parent


" To know that a place like Attleboro Enterprises exists and that there are people who understand those of us that don't fit the mold is amazing.

In a world where people often point out what makes us different, it is wonderful to know that there is a place that...'Looks at everyone as a person first. A person who may have a challenge, but a person who can do anything with the right support and hard work.' "

— Mary Beth Richardson
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