About Attleboro Enterprises, Inc.

284 John Dietsch Boulevard
North Attleboro, MA 02763

About Us

Imagine What One Person Can Do

Our Mission

It is the mission of Attleboro Enterprises, Incorporated to support adults with cognitive and physical challenges by promoting opportunities for them to become contributing members of society and to achieve their life goals.

Our Vision

AEI strives to be an organization that will:
• Empower individuals to be seamlessly integrated into their communities as lifelong contributors
• Create and develop opportunities for individuals to realize their full potential and pursue their life goals
• Be sensitive to changes in the economic, political, and social climate and continuously evaluate services and populations served in light of these factors
• Develop the resources necessary to attract skilled volunteers and maintain highly qualified staff
• Provide a full array of needed services in state of the art facilities
• Achieve recognition in the community as an excellent human services provider
• Create partnerships with families, communities, and other institutions to provide advocacy resources which enhance the lives of individuals served 

Our Values & Principles

AEI Services and Supports shall:
• Be offered in a manner that enhances the respect, dignity, and rights of each person served participation as valued community members
• Be offered in the very same settings available to any member of the community
• Respect the right of each person with their family, guardian, and others of their choice to determine their personal goals
• Be designed to promote the achievement of each individual’s goals
• Provide a network of resources and affiliates that meet the needs of persons served
• Be provided in a manner that recognizes and is inspired by each individual’s unique abilities and talents
• Recognize and respect the ethnicity, religious preferences, cultural orientation, and sexual orientation of each person served
• Promote an awareness of individuals with cognitive and physical challenges through integration, education, and advocacy

Strategic Plans

2016 Strategic Plan 

2021 Strategic Plan