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Job Placement

Employment Services

The purpose of job development is to provide assistance to individuals to locate and maintain integrated competitive employment in the modern workplace.

Services are provided to an individual referred from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) who has agreed to a specific employment goal. With the support of our Supported Employment Supervisor, referrals will have an Individual Placement Plan tailored to their needs that addresses the supports necessary to assist the individual in finding a job that suits and interests them. The plan also addresses support gaps and barriers to employment with written strategies that AEI will utilize to help overcome identified issues.

Supports to ensure Successful Employment Outcome include but are not limited to:

  • Initial intake
  • Application assistance (written and/or online)
  • Interview preparation
  • Coordination of interviews
  • Initial employer contact
  • On/off site support
  • Regular contact with the employer/client to monitor progress

The Director of Employment Services, John Raposa, has twenty years’ experience working with individuals with a broad range of challenges.  Since 2009, Mr. Raposa has ranked top in Southeastern Massachusetts in obtaining and maintaining community employment through MRC. He has redefined job development by making established, positive working relationships with the local businesses community and outstanding natural supports a hallmark of his work. 

Through AEI’s Employment Services, participants have a high probability of obtaining employment.  Our efforts have resulted in over 100 MRC referrals placed in competitive employment over the past 5 years.  Of these placements, over 80% have achieved successful Supported Employment Outcomes (SEO).  This success has been achieved through the maintenance of positive working relationships with the local business community, outstanding natural supports in the workplace, and developing contacts with major employer’s Human Resource Departments at the corporate level.  

For more information contact:
Director of Employment Services
John Raposa
508-695-4046 ext 105

Success Stories

"I am writing express to you how much John Raposa means to me and my son Devon. Words cannot express how grateful we are to John. It was about two years ago in May that John met Devon at the Lowe's guide him through his job interview (because Devon was extremely nervous). It is because of John's dedication, and encouragement that Devon got the job at Lowe's in the first place. I want you to know that Devon became a model employee. Devon received several awards in his short time at Lowe's. He has been awarded "Rookie of the Year", twice and most recently, he was sent a letter of "Congratulations on a Job Well Done", from the Lowe's Senior Vice President Bill Edwards. 

It is with great honor, that I tell you that Devon has just been hired by the Avon Public Schools to work as a full-time custodian, his starting salary is $***** a year. I attribute this next step in Devon's career path to John. If it had not been for John's professionalism, his dedication and most importantly his compassion to his clients, Devon would not have gotten the job at Lowe's and thus, he would not have received his new position at the Avon Public Schools. I am convinced that it is due to the skills that Devon was able to acquire while employed at Lowe's that made him an attractive candidate to the Avon Public Schools.  

It is because of great people like John, that individuals who struggle with disabilities have any chance of being successful, working people in society. I don't know how John did it, or what MRC did to help Devon get the job at Lowe's, but we will forever be grateful to John, MRC and Attleboro Enterprises. 

Once again, thank you for employing an incredible person such as John Raposa, and for helping my son to be a success story."

— Startese Sims